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Workout from home with a variety of these 20 Boxing workouts you can do with a partner. Beginners are also able to use this ebook with the image references for each punch you'll find throughout the combos. There is two bonus 'at home' and 'gym' workouts for you to also try.  All you'll need is a pair of Boxing gloves and focus pads to get started. Includes:
  • 20 Boxing Workouts (to do with focus pads, or you could modify them for a boxing bag)
  • Images of each punch
  • List of Boxing combinations
  • Template workouts for you to fill in the gaps to create your own
  • Two bonus 'at home' workouts
  • Two bonus 'Gym' workouts

⭐ - "I would highly recommend 10/10”
"This ebook has everything to keep you motivated for workouts at home to continue smashing your fitness goals. No matter what your fitness level is, It’s easy to understand with so many different workouts & combinations that will elevate your heart rate while still building great strength. It’s such a great way to get outside for some fresh air while getting a sweat up & releasing your endorphins."
- Nick P   


⭐ "This has been so thoughtfully put together and is the best money I've spent in a long time!"
"Bianca and Daniels 'Boxing Workout E-Book' is just what I need. 20 workouts (plus bonus workouts too!!) already written out for me, with warm-up ideas and pictures to support my technique."
- Rochelle L