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Ever wanted to run a 5km or 10km but find you get started then drop off a few weeks later? We're here to deliver a high-quality running program that is simple, and easy to follow. This guide will get you to 10km in 8 weeks!

With a variety of running workouts and sessions to keep you interested, it's a convenient way to improve your fitness by putting on your runners, starting your watch, and running out the door. Most workouts complete within 30 minutes for the first few weeks.


⭐ - "I would highly recommend 10/10” 
"From someone who never enjoyed running, I have learned so much and reached my 10km goal. I casually find going for a run relaxing and rewarding now! The program is day-by-day and has heaps of different short runs and techniques to gently acclimatize you to running.
- Christie B 


⭐ My goal was 1hr 3min. Ran 58:54!
It's been such a great program! Achievable progressions each week - sometimes deceptively so (Week 7 😅😅).
Thanks so much!! 
- Kerryn W